Truckwash Site Locations in the UK | LPW Truckwash network

LPW is the UK’s leading commercial vehicle cleaner, see below our truckwash sites. Click on the location of each one for more info including opening times, and on site facilities.

Truckwash-mapTruckwash Locations


  1. 1- Purfleet Truckwash

    Juliette Way, Purfleet, RM15 4YD

  2. 2- Avonmouth Truckwash

    Third Way, Avonmouth, BS11 9YP

  3. 3- Castleford Truckwash

    California Drive, Castleford, WF10 5QH

  4. 4- Ashford Truckwash

    Waterbrook Avenue, Ashford TN24 0LH

  5. 5- Felixstowe Truckwash

    Trinity Avenue, Felixstowe, IP11 4XA

  6. 6- Coneygarth Truckwash

    Exelby Services, Northallerton, DL7 9DD


A convenient location is a must for any vehicle cleaning facility. Your trucks and the brand they represent, should be brilliantly cared for no matter where the road takes your drivers. Due to time and cost though it isn’t something to make a detour for.

LPW Europe recognises how important convenient cleanliness is, and that’s why we have tactically placed drive-through truck washing centres across the UK. The sites are located at truckstops near major motorways, and consequently provide the efficiency that on-the-move drivers need.

Our partnerships with Truckstop sites such as Exelby Services and Ashford Truckstop means that together we can provide all the services required for drivers in one location.

We accept cash/card, Fuel card, or can issue wash pre-paid wash tokens to give to your drivers. Alternatively to set up an account for your company or to find out the pricing for your vehicles contact us and we will try to arrange this for you.

At the wash you can also use our loyalty card to get a free gift after every 6 washes. Read more about our loyalty card and payment methods on our pricing options page.

In addition to our sites we serve all other parts of the UK, with our Mobile Fleetwash service and Fleetcare products.

Please re-visit this page to find our latest sites, as we are always looking to expand our strategic network. Making it easier for you to keep your vehicles clean is very high on our list of priorities.

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Coneygarth Truckwash
Coneygarth truckwash facilities: LPW’s Coneygarth Truckwash in North Yorkshire is just off the A1 at Exelby Services. In order to get to the wash from
Purfleet truckwash
Purfleet Truckwash Facilities: LPW’s Purfleet Truckwash in Essex is just off the A13 at Purfleet industrial estate. In order to get to
Truck wash
Avonmouth Truckwash facilities: LPW’s Avonmouth Truckwash is just off the M5 at Avonlodge Truckstop In order to get to
Castleford Truckwash
Castleford Truckwash facilities: LPW’s Castleford Truckwash in West Yorkshire is just off the M62 at
Ashford Truckwash
Ashford Truckwash facilities: LPW’s Ashford Truckwash in Kent is just off the M20
Felixstowe Truckwash
Felixstowe Truckwash facilities: LPW’s Felixstowe Truckwash in Suffolk is in the port area of Felixstowe. In order