When youre driving a heavy goods vehicle day in day out, youve probably come to notice a few things that only you and your fellow lorry drivers notice.

Here are our 10 Things All Lorry Drivers Know To Be True!

1. Not Just Anyone Can Drive A Heavy Goods Vehicle

Driving a lorry, tanker or any other heavy goods vehicle isnt like driving a car. In fact, it isnt like anything else youve ever driven and it takes a real understanding of the vehicle to master one.

Driving a lorry is a tricky job that requires you to know exactly what you’re doing and be in total control and no, not just anyone can a lorry driver.

2. Driving A Lorry In The City Is Almost Impossible!

Driving a lorry can be tricky sometimes. Theyre big and wide and sometimes you have to take wider turns than the other vehicles.

Cities are full of narrow roads, sharp corners and confusing ridiculous one-way systems. They have messy junctions and far too many roundabouts that were definitely not made with lorries in mind.

3. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Lorries are a little bit slower than cars. They are heavy, you have precious cargo to protect and some lorries cant go over certain speeds.

Car users get mad and try to cut you off but you know youre in the right when you are taking it nice and slow to make sure you and your lorry get there safe and sound.

4. You Have A Favourite Service Station

When you’re on the road as much you are, you probably make a lot of stops along the way. If this is the case then chances are you have a favourite service station.

Whether it has the best coffee, the cheapest fuel or is just a nice place to stop and have a break, you know all the best service stations and know to factor that in when you plan your routes.

5. Visibility Is Very Important!

When you’re driving you need to be able to see everything. Youre very big and high up so you need to know exactly what is nearby and how close they are to you.

Thats why you know the importance of keeping your windows clean and clear so you can see everything you need to.

6. The Radio Is Your Best FriendAnd Your Worst Enemy.

Keeping yourself entertained is very important especially on long drives. The radio can be a great help, it stimulates the mind and can give you helpful updates on traffic and road accidents.

However, youve probably also noticed the radio just plays the same songs over and over and chances are you have a favourite podcast or audiobook ready to play when the radio gets just a little bit too repetitive and you start to go insane.

7. Youve Driven In Every Type Of Weather.

Thick fog, heavy rain, blinding sun, youve driven through it all. By now you are probably an expert when it comes to all types of weather and the swaying of a trailer in heavy wind or the sun reflecting off your bonnet is probably nothing you cant handle.

8. People Forget There’s A Driver In There

Driving a heavy goods vehicle can be a bit lonely. Youre up high above the traffic and people see you more as this big slow thing holding up the lane. They forget there is a person in there making sure that cargo gets to its destination safe and on time.

Thats why it makes your day when you see a child gleefully waving at the truck driver that is driving a lorry that looks just like their favourite toy.

9. Youre The Biggest Thing On The Road

People sometimes dont realise this, but lorries are huge! They are giant, tall wide vehicles with a lot of wheels and mechanisms weighing them down. On top of that, you’re carrying a heavy trailer full of whatever it is youre transporting that day.

When you’re on the road all eyes are on you as the biggest and often brightest and shiniest vehicle in sight.

10. You Have The Best Job In The World

Whilst some people are sat in hot stuffy offices, you get to spend all day driving all over the country. you get to listen to your music and do something that feels easy and natural as you drive on the open road.

You see amazing sights and get to see a world that not many others get to see and you always come back with a story to tell.

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