Keeping your fleet of vehicles clean is important for several reasons. From maintenance to cost and even brand awareness; a clean fleet can do wonders for your business.

You shouldnt need convincing, but if youre still on the fence, weve decided to list the top 5 benefits of professional mobile fleet cleaning. Let’s start with staff, time, and money.

Save Time and Money on Staff with Mobile Fleet Cleaning

Many think that using a professional mobile fleet cleaner is quite expensive, but its actually much cheaper than youd imagine.

Not only do you get a professional job from experts with years of experience, but you also dont have to hire or train somebody in-house to do it for you. This means you save time and money, as well as a potential headache.

Weve already done the legwork and provide the above as standard (minus the headache), so you dont have to shell out huge amounts to get yourself started.

We also come directly to you, which saves even more time as our team of mobile fleet cleaning experts get the job done effectively and quickly on-site an added bonus!

Maintaining and Improving Your Fleet

Since they spend so much time on the road, fleet vehicles often experience an array of difficult, dirty conditions that can wreak havoc over the long term.

Dirt, griminess, oil, salts, tar, and rust are all common on fleet vehicles, particularly over winter. They not only make your vehicles look worse for wear but can increase the chance of costly mechanical issues arising.

With a professional mobile fleet clean, its just that professional. It not only brings paintwork to life and looks fantastic but boosts the performance of your fleet by actually improving the quality of your vehicles from a mechanical perspective.

You know youre getting an in-depth service with professional mobile fleet cleaning.

Save Money on Equipment Costs

Aside from saving money and time by outsourcing the hard work to professionals, you will also save money on equipment and products.

When outsourcing your mobile fleet cleaning, the expert cleaners come fully equipped with the powerful equipment and high-quality products you need to carry out a professional job.

Theres a vast range of equipment required to do a good job, from high pressure washers to traffic film remover and water disposal systems. All of which are very expensive to buy outright.

With mobile fleet cleaning with LPW, we have the equipment ready and waiting to be used, meaning that you dont have to fork out any extra cash.

Brand Awareness with Mobile Fleet Cleaning

If you cover lots of ground with your fleet, which most fleets do, then youre exposing your brand to a huge swathe of potential customers every day.

Theres nothing that screams unprofessionalism more than a dirty fleet vehicle. So, why would you do yourself the disservice of not looking the absolute best you can?

We make sure that all of your requirements are met with our mobile fleet cleaning. You can make the most of your exposure to the world with an amazing looking fleet that gives you the edge over your competition and helps boost brand awareness.

More Business for Cleaner Fleets

Youre more likely to get more work if your fleet looks the best it does, with fully visible branding and a professional finish.

Clean vehicles increases the likelihood of companies using your services as a result, creating a positive brand image around your company. This encourages loyalty and trust among potential and existing clients, not to mention the reputation of your company, which is also boosted.

Get in Touch

So, if youre thinking of outsourcing your fleet cleaning and leaving it with the professionals, youre in luck!

All you need to do is get in touch with us, whether its on the phone at 01708 463400 or via email here.

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As well as providing mobile fleet cleaning, we also have lots of truck washing sites conveniently located at various destinations across the country.

We also offer internal tank cleaning services for tanker trailers and rigid tankers, as well as a range of other services.

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