Industrial Static Jet Wash

How Much Is A Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer?

Heavy-duty pressure washers vary in price depending on the model you purchase but you should expect to pay at least £1000 for a basic model and up to £3000 for a heavy-duty hot pressure washer. Why the huge difference in prices you may ask? Let us explain.   Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Prices Heavy-duty pressure washers, industrial pressure washers, commercial pressure washers – these terms all mean more or less the same and are used to describe pressure washers that…

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mobile fleet cleaning

Top 5 Benefits of Professional Mobile Fleet Cleaning

Keeping your fleet of vehicles clean is important for several reasons. From maintenance to cost and even brand awareness; a clean fleet can do wonders for your business. You shouldn’t need convincing, but if you’re still on the fence, we’ve decided to list the top 5 benefits of professional mobile fleet cleaning. Let’s start with staff, time, and money. Save Time and Money on Staff with Mobile Fleet Cleaning Many think that using a professional mobile fleet cleaner is quite…

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