Industrial pressure washers are an invaluable piece of equipment to have when it comes to cleaning your fleet.

Without one, you will struggle to tackle tough dirt, grime and oil that quickly builds up when vehicles spend a lot of time on the road. Having your own industrial pressure washer on hand ensures your fleet can be regularly cleaned and maintained.

As we all know, having a clean fleet on the roads will improve brand awareness and demonstrate professionalism. However, investing in a pressure washer is a big deal. And you want to ensure youre going for the right option. In this blog, were going to help you choose an industrial pressure washer.

Do I Need An Industrial Pressure Washer?

Many people consider buying a domestic pressure washer. They are usually much cheaper and can be picked up in most hardware stores. Domestic pressure washers are fantastic pieces of equipment. But there is no way theyre cut out for the wear and tear that comes with a business.

Industrial Static Jet Wash

If you are going to use your pressure washer for more than two hours per week, you most certainly need to opt for an industrial machine.

These heavy-duty machines are fully equipped to tackle vehicle after vehicle. You can also use them to keep your warehouse in tip-top condition.

Types Of Industrial Pressure Washers

At LPW, we provide the very best in fleet cleaning supplies. When it comes to industrial pressure washers, this includes heavy-duty hot and cold mobile pressure washers, static floor and wall-mounted machines and fully automated state-of-the-art three stage roll over brush washes.

Our hot and cold mobile pressure washers can be delivered to your site with any necessary vehicle cleaning products you may require. This includes traffic film remover, windscreen wash, brushes and handles.

Our static high pressure industrial washers are available in a standing unit, or they can be mounted to the wall. LPW can install contactless technology within our range of static pressure washers, meaning you can control costs, record live information and re-charge costs where applicable.

Our three stage roll over brush washes use two lateral brushes and one overhead brush to quickly and efficiently clean your vehicles, from small vans to articulated trucks.

Hot vs Cold

Whether the water is hot or cold, an industrial pressure washer is an excellent piece of machinery.

High pressure cold water will easily remove the dirt and grime that has built up on your vehicles. However, if grease or oil is a problem when cleaning your fleet, you will need a hot water industrial pressure washer.

Hot water pressure washers will also clean your vehicles much faster, meaning you can clean numerous vehicles within a short space of time. If you plan to use your industrial pressure washer regularly, we recommend going for one that uses hot water.

Contactless Jet Wash

Buy vs Hire

One of the biggest decisions you will make when investing in an industrial pressure washer is: do I buy or hire?

If your team are going to use an industrial pressure washer regularly to keep on top of your fleet cleaning, then purchasing an industrial pressure washer is a smart investment. However, they can be costly.

If you are not yet ready to purchase a pressure washer, it may make more sense to hire one. At LPW, we offer special contract rental packages for our industrial pressure washers.

We also offer a fleet care management system (FMS), which is an all-inclusive package that includes both the supply of Traffic Film Remover and equipment maintenance within one low monthly sum.

Get In Touch

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LPW Europe is a UK leader in vehicle cleaning. We are a family-operated company that provides fleet cleaning across the whole of the UK. We have truck washing sites conveniently located at various destinations across the country.

In addition, we provide mobile fleet washing services, wherever you are! Our team will arrive at your site fully equipped with the superior equipment and cleaning supplies they need to have your fleet looking brand new in no time at all.

We also offer internal tank cleaning services for tanker trailers and rigid tankers.