In this blog, were going to focus on choosing a truck wash system for fleet cleaning.

Keeping your fleet clean is vital. After all, your fleet is representing your business when out on the road. A clean fleet will improve your brand image and ensure that your logo is always perfectly visible.

Plus, the removal of dirt and salt build-up can prevent rust from taking hold of the metal components of your vehicles. Regular fleet cleaning will also improve safety by ensuring windscreens and lights are always clear.

Do I Need A Truck Wash System?

If you want to keep your fleet cleaning in-house, you will need the correct equipment. Most fleet managers and business owners choose to outsource their fleet cleaning, especially if they have a larger fleet.

Outsourcing ensures a professional and efficient clean, getting your vehicles back on the road as soon as possible. It is also cost-effective as you dont have to fork out for the equipment and products, such as a truck wash system.

However, whether you outsource your fleet cleaning or not, having a truck wash system to hand makes sense. It only takes one day of terrible weather for your vehicles to be filthy! Having a truck wash system on-site will enable your team to quickly and easily get rid of the road grime and have your fleet sparkling.

Types Of Truck Wash Systems

Depending on your fleet vehicles, you could have a state-of-the-art fully automated three-stage roll over brush wash system installed on-site for your team to use as and when needed.

Alternatively, you could opt for a truck wash system that includes a pressure washer with an industrial gun, lance and 9-metre twin wire, and high-quality traffic film remover detergent.

Your truck wash system wont be complete without an industrial pressure washer. Heavy-duty hot and cold mobile pressure washers, static floor pressure washers and wall-mounted pressure washers are available for your convenience and requirements. In terms of cost, these range from 1,225 up to 3,195.

In addition, Traffic Film Remover is available in a range of sizes, from 20 litres right up to 1000 litre containers. It is a specially formulated caustic-free and solvent-free detergent that has been designed to remove stubborn road dirt and traffic film in conjunction with all truck wash systems.

High-quality screen wash should also be considered as part of your truck wash system.

Outsourcing Your Fleet Cleaning

Fleet cleaning should be done right. It is not a task that should be overlooked. As mentioned previously, many companies choose to outsource their fleet cleaning as this is the easier, most cost-effective option.

If you would like to have your fleet regularly cleaned, by professionals, you need LPW Europe. We offer nationwide Mobile Fleet Wash services where we visit your site at a time and place that suits you to clean your fleet. Our Mobile Fleet Wash team bring their own state of the art truck wash system, which includes high-quality TFR.

Our expert fleet cleaners will have your fleet return to its former glory quickly and efficiently. And our Water Containment System allows us to take the dirty water away with us to dispose of it correctly, rather than leaving it on your site.

Even if you have a large fleet across multiple sites, we can work with one point of contact and can provide one single invoice for all your fleet cleaning needs making the process as seamless as possible.

Aside from Mobile Fleet Wash services, we also have several Truck Wash sites dotted across the UK. Depending on the location, your drivers could head to one of the LPW Truck Wash sites and have their vehicle professionally cleaned there and then. It is quick and easy.

Get In Touch

LPW Europe is one of the UKs leading fleet cleaning specialists. If you are based in the UK and you would like your fleet professionally cleaned on-site, get in touch with our friendly team.

Alternatively, if you require high-quality cleaning equipment and superior products for your fleet cleaning, including a truck wash system, dont hesitate to get in touch with LPW Europe. We can deliver to your site, wherever you are in the UK.