The world moves at a fast pace, and a recent development has enabled us to improve an aspect of our jet wash capabilities.

Contactless technology has allowed us to improve our cost per wash pressure washing system. These machines are already based at sites from Aberdeen to Cornwall, and enable tracking of the users for each wash. This has meant our clients can identify who has used the jet wash and when.

This has proved to be very useful for a few different reasons from our client’s point of view. It means that different businesses on the same site can use the jet wash and be invoiced individually, or different functions or departments can be separated. Also it simply means that a client can track the vehicles that have been washed each week, in order to make sure the full fleet is sparkling clean.

Previously we offered this service with fob technology, which whilst it worked ok was cumbersome and proved logistically challenging as the data would need to be physically downloaded each month. However the new contactless card technology means we now have the ability to remotely access the information.

This functionality not only means quicker access to the data, but it means a faster response to any maintenance required as that is now automatically reported. It also allows us to monitor the use of the machine, and identify how much Traffic Film Remover will be needed for our monthly delivery.

The development also means that drivers are being issued with special contactless keyrings containing the LPW Fleetcare branding as opposed to basic door entry style fobs previously used.

For more information about ourcost per wash tag reader jet washes or other methods of pressure washer payment, contact us here, call 01708 463400 or email

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