For any fleet company, depot hygiene should always be one of your top priorities. Keeping a clean and tidy workplace is incredibly important.

If you manage a fleet of vehicles chances are they can get very dirty throughout the day. Its important to keep your fleet clean and always have the essentials on hand to keep your depot as clean and hygienic as possible.

Why is it important to keep a hygienic workplace?

A clean hygienic workplace can make a huge difference to worker productivity. Entering a clean workplace can help an employee feel more motivated and feel better about their work. By creating a clean, well-maintained fleet your drivers will feel more confident and develop a sense of pride when driving one of your spotless vehicles.

In recent times, hygiene has become more important than ever. As an employer or any member of the workplace with people working under you, you have a duty of care to keep them safe.

Your workplace will likely have been told to follow strict guidelines to keep your employees safe and healthy during the current pandemic. Even if restrictions are easing you still have a responsibility to make sure your equipment is cleaned and sanitised to the highest possible standard.

When your vehicles are on the road they are advertising your business. Having a well-cleaned fleet, encourages more people to take notice of your vehicles. If you want to get the best possible results when cleaning your fleet, LPW Fleetcare has a fantastic range of cleaning essentials and appliances that will make it easy to keep on top of the little things.

LPW Fleetcare is one of the leading distributors of depot hygiene essentials and our range includes:

Traffic Film Remover Detergent

Ultra Wash Traffic Film Remover is specially designed to remove road dirt and traffic film in conjunction with all vehicle cleaning systems. Our traffic film remover detergent is completely solvent-free and used to clean over 20,000 vehicles every week in the UK.

Ultra Wash Plus is a highly concentrated traffic film remover, recommended for use on vehicles where heavy soiling occurs and in medium to hard water areas.


LPW Fleetcare is a leading supplier of a variety of screenwash. Our range of screenwash includes pre-mixed screenwash, concentrate screenwash and extreme screenwash in 20litre, 200litre and 1000litre IBCs. 

Our screenwash is of the highest quality and is expertly designed to perfectly clean and defrost windscreens on trucks, vans and cars which can operate in temperatures down to -4C (Pre-Mixed), -7C (Concentrate) and  -15C (Extreme).

Industrial Pressure Washers

At LPW Fleetcare we have a variety of industrial pressure washers to suit every fleet. Our heavy-duty industrial pressure washer is specially designed for commercial environments.

Our industrial pressure washers include both heavy-duty hot and cold jet wash. Cleverly and innovatively designed, our industrial pressure washers have excellent reliability and will reduce the time and cost spent on cleaning your fleet.

All models include industrial trigger, lance and 9-metre twin wire hose as standard.

Interior Cab Cleaning Equipment

Our specialist sanitiser cleaning products have been designed to keep the driver cab area of vehicles clean and free from harmful bacteria.

LPW Fleet Washing Service

For the best possible clean for your vehicles, LPW will provide a top-quality truck cleaning service for a competitive price.

LPW has truck washing stations situated all over the UK. Our professional truck washing sites are strategically placed all over the country so that your drivers can easily call in and get their trucks clean to our high standard of cleanliness.

If you have a fleet of vehicles you need washing but dont want to drive them all to your nearest LPW truck washing station, then we can come to you.

LPW have a mobile fleet cleaning service available for all business, all over the UK. No matter where in the UK your business is situated, well be there no matter the distance, no matter the time, no matter the weather. You can choose the time, so if you prefer we can come outside of business hours to make sure your entire fleet gets a good quality LPW truck wash.

We take care of everything so you dont have to. Our team are perfectionists that strive for the best quality wash for every vehicle. We bring all the equipment and products we need when we arrive and leave your workplace in the same condition as when we arrived. This means we take all our water waste with us so you dont have to make arrangements to dispose of it.

Get in Touch

LPW Europeis the leading fleet cleaning company in the UK with almost 50 years worth of experience in fleet cleaning. If you have any questions about our services or would like to find out more about depot hygiene, dont hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01708 463400 or email us at