Keeping your fleet clean when its on the road is crucial. A dirty fleet can damage your brand image and increase the cost of fleet repairs and maintenance. The question is, which fleet cleaning supplies do you need to return your vehicles to their former glory?

In this blog, were going to outline the key fleet cleaning supplies you should be investing in when cleaning your trucks and lorries. At LPW, we are fleet cleaning professionals. So, its only natural that we supply all the equipment you need to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicles.

Industrial Pressure Washer

To remove the stubborn build up of dirt on your vehicles, you will need heavy-duty equipment. An industrial pressure washer is a must-have product for fleet cleaning.

Heavy-duty hot and cold mobile pressure washers, static floor and wall-mounted machines are available for fleet cleaning. Alternatively, you can opt to have a fully automated three-stage roll over brush washing system installed on your site.

If you are not ready to purchase industrial pressure washing equipment and would prefer to hire instead, LPW offers special contract rental packages.

industrial pressure washer is an essential fleet cleaning product

Traffic Film Remover & High Quality Detergents

If you want to safely remove traffic film, without damage the exterior of your vehicles, you need quality Traffic Film Remover. The range of Traffic Film Remover on offer at LPW is all scientifically manufactured to ISO9002 standards.

You can choose from the Standard Traffic Film Remover (Ultra Wash), which is a powerful multipurpose, ready to use Traffic Film Remover. Or you can opt for the Concentrate Traffic Film Remover (Ultra Wash Plus), which is our highly concentrated Traffic Film Remover. This is ideal for use with a restriction system, for pre-mot steam cleaning or for very dirty vehicles.

Both of these TFRs are caustic and solvent-free meaning they wont damage your vehicle.

Windscreen Wash

Quality screen wash will keep windscreens clean and streak-free, enhance driver visibility and help vehicle windscreens defrost quicker. You can choose from pre-mixed screen wash, concentrate screen wash and extreme screen wash. These are available in 20litre, 200litre and 1000litre IBCs at LPW.

Our specially designed screen wash can operate in temperatures as low as -4C (Pre-Mixed), -7C (Concentrate) and  -15C (Extreme).

Quality screen wash is an essential fleet cleaning product

Anti-Viral Sanitising Products

The interiors of your vehicles also need a little TLC. And with COVID-19 so prominent, it’s essential the interior of your vehicles are regularly cleaned and sanitised with anti-viral products.

Keep the driver cab area of vehicles free from harmful bacteria with antiviral sanitiser and other cab cleaning supplies from LPW.

Additional Cleaning Products

LPW also provides addition fleet cleaning products and warehouse cleaning products. This include brushes and handles, dashboard cleaning spray and microfibre antiviral cleaning cloths.

All fleet cleaning products can be ordered online and delivered to your site wherever you are in the UK.

A Fleet Cleaning Professional?

Carrying out your own fleet cleaning is a lot of work. Aside from purchasing the fleet cleaning supplies, you also have to train your staff on how to properly clean the vehicles. Otherwise investing in the equipment and supplies is pointless!

Your other (better) option is to hire professional fleet cleaners! Professional fleet cleaners will visit your site and clean every vehicle using state-of-the-art hot water washing equipment and superior caustic- and solvent-free ISO 9002 detergents.

These seasoned cleaners will provide an efficient clean every time, ensuring your vehicle goes back out on the road looking brand new.

Better yet, at LPW, our Mobile Fleet Cleaning service includes the use of our very own environment agency approved effluent containment and disposal systems. This means we collect the dirty water and take it away with us.

Wherever you are in the UK, we can come to you! LPW have more than 100 mobile fleet cleaning units currently washing over 15,000 vehicles per week.

Get In Touch

If you are in the UK and you require professional fleet cleaning, dont hesitate to get in touch with LPW Europe.

We are the only fleet washing company that covers the whole of the UK! Wherever you are, we will come to your site and return your fleet of trucks to its former glory.

Alternatively, head to one of our Truck Wash Sites, which are located across the UK. They are fully-equipped with our high-quality equipment and manned by our expert cleaning staff.