To top off what has been an incredibly difficult year, winter has now arrived.

If you have let your fleet cleaning take a back seat this year, now is the time to prepare your fleet for the winter months.

The winter months bring with them a whole host of issues, meaning fleet cleaning and maintenance is particularly important. So, lets explore these winter issues and take a look at the fleet cleaning essentials for the colder months.

Why is Fleet Cleaning Important in Winter?

Colder temperatures wreak havoc with fleet vehicles as dirt and grime become more prominent in the winter period. Frost and cold play a large part in obscuring visibility for drivers. They can also harm the exterior of vehicles and mechanical elements within.

Branding can be obscured, and damage can also be caused to the paintwork by the harshness of winter. These, along with a host of other problems, become much harder to resolve the longer they are left.

Fleet vehicles must therefore be properly cleaned and maintained to tackle the tricky issues that winter brings. With this in mind, lets take a look at some fleet cleaning winter essentials to keep your fleet in tip top condition.

fleet cleaning with LPW Europe

Fleet Cleaning Essentials: TFR (Traffic Film Remover)

TFR is a specialist cleaning detergent designed to remove what is known as traffic film from fleet vehicles. Traffic film is essentially a fine layer of dust, grime, oils, and general nastiness that comes with covering lots of miles.

If not removed properly, traffic film can damage the paint work of your fleet and cause it to rust. However, this layer can be extremely difficult to remove. Without the correct equipment, you could do further damage trying to remove traffic film.

Luckily for you, our high-quality TFR breaks down these dirt particles, allowing for simple removal of traffic film with a pressure washer. We have lots of Traffic Film Remover products available online, including Ultra Wash Plus. This is a concentrated TFR detergent designed specifically for fleet cleaning and vehicles with heavy soiling.

Ultra Wash Plus is a heavy duty, non-caustic TFR available to buy with LPW Europe. It comes in 20 litre, 200 litre, and 1000 litre containers.

Fleet Cleaning Essentials: Screenwash

For obvious reasons, screenwash is a necessity for drivers over winter. It ensures the safety of your drivers when they are on the road. As well as the benefit of being able to see where youre going, screenwash is necessary if you want your fleet of vehicles to pass their MOT and meet safety standards in the automotive industry.

Our concentrated screenwash is of the highest quality and is designed to defrost and clean windscreens on trucks, buses, vans, and cars. For use in winter, we recommend diluting 1-2, and 1-10 in summer.

Take a look at our concentrated screenwash online, which comes in containers of 20 litres, 200 litres and 1000 litres.

Fleet Cleaning Essentials: Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial pressure washers are crucial for professional fleet cleaning. Infinitely more effective than hand washing, they provide a quick and thorough clean that is unmatched by other products. Cleaning your vehicle with an industrial pressure washer also boosts the visual appearance of your fleet and increases logo visibility in the process.

Our industrial pressure washers tick every box for fleet cleaning. We provide heavy duty hot and cold jet wash equipment to our customers.

All of our pressure washers are specifically designed for the commercial environment, and feature a robust design with excellent reliability. Each model also includes an industrial trigger, lance, and 9 metre twin wire hose as standard.

Industrial Static Jet Wash

Cab Cleaning Necessities Whatever the Weather

Now more than ever, people are prioritising hygiene in order to stop the spread of winter cold, flus and viruses, such as COVID-19. Thankfully, we have a cab cleaning kit to keep surfaces and drivers hands clean and bacteria-free all year round. The kit includes:

  • New Trim dashboard cleaner
  • Glass n Plastic cleaner
  • Air freshener spray
  • Micro-fibre cloths
  • Dustpan and brush

All of which are contained in a handy drawstring bag which can easily be stored in your vehicle. Each item has anti-viral and sanitising qualities, reducing the risk of spreading any virus, including COVID-19. You can purchase these items as a kit or individually at our interior vehicle cleaning sanitising products page.

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Standard fleet cleaning issues become amplified in winter, so its always best to make sure your fleet is fully prepared to deal with the cold weather. And while the above list of essentials is comprehensive, you cant beat a professional fleet clean.

At LPW Europe, we provide a professional fleet cleaning service that gives you complete peace of mind over your vehicles and business operations. We have fleet cleaning sites up and down the country, and also provide mobile fleet cleaning for our customers.

Get in touch via email or give us a call on 01708 463 400 to find out more information or to book fleet cleaning for your business.