Managing fleet maintenance is not without its challenges. But effective fleet maintenance is crucial for a business. It keeps your drivers and your vehicles safe on the roads, ensures maximum productivity and reduces costs.

If you are new to the role, or you are unfamiliar with how to effectively manage fleet maintenance, these top tips should help you.

Carry Out Regular Checks And Inspections

As a fleet maintenance manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the fleet is always in tip-top condition. Establishing regular in-house checks and inspections can help you keep on top of the fleet.

Make sure the employees and drivers are aware that regular checks and inspections must be carried out and signed off. Setting dates to ensure each vehicle is inspected will help. Inspections may include the following checks:

  • General Condition Of Vehicle the overall condition of each vehicle should be checked regularly to ensure there is no damage to the bodywork or windscreen. Plus, the windscreen wipers should be checked to ensure they are working effectively.
  • Oil Level
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Tyre Tread
  • Screen Wash
  • Water Level

Ensure Vehicle Maintenance And Repairs Are Carried Out

If a problem arises during one of the regular inspections, or if a driver raises a concern about a vehicle, be sure to have it professionally checked out and/or repaired immediately.

Similarly, make sure all services, oil changes and other maintenance tasks are carried out when necessary. Ignoring something or pushing it back to a later date can lead to costly problems further down the line.

Document Everything

Keeping proper records is essential for fleet maintenance. There should be records detailing which driver will handle which vehicle as well as daily logs for drivers to fill in.

Up to date maintenance history records should also be kept. These should include dates, times and details of inspections, services, repairs and cleans etc. Mileage and routes taken are also important factors to document.

Ensure Drivers Are Familiar With Processes And Policies

To be able to fulfil their responsibility, your drivers should be aware of the companys policies, procedures and fleet-wide safety rules.

When hiring a new driver, explain in detail the maintenance processes they must adhere to. If you make changes to company policies, hold a meeting to and put it in writing to ensure everyone is familiar with the correct way to do things.

This way, your team of drivers will know what to do if there is a problem with a fleet vehicle. Offering additional training for drivers may also help reduce maintenance costs.

Ensure Vehicles Are Professional Cleaned Regularly

Most fleet vehicles spend a lot of time on the road, leading to a build-up of dirt, oil, salts, tar, and other grime. During the winter months, you will notice your fleet looking particularly dirty.

Keeping the fleet clean isnt just essential for brand awareness and professionalism, it is also important for fleet maintenance.

A build-up of dirt can lead to damaged paintwork and rust amongst other problems. It can also increase the chance of costly mechanical issues arising.

Hiring professional fleet cleaners usually offers the best and most cost-effective results. You wont have to spend money on professional cleaning equipment, supplies or a water containment system.

Instead, cleaning professionals will visit your site, wherever you are in the UK and use high-quality cleaning equipment to return your fleet to its former glory.

Plus, if you choose a fleet cleaning leader, such as LPW, they will use their environment agency approved effluent containment and disposal systems to take the dirty water away with them.

Keep A Close Eye On Maintenance Costs

As the fleet maintenance manager, it is your job to keep maintenance costs low. Understanding the importance of preventative maintenance and keeping a close eye on ongoing costs will help. Staying on top of fleet maintenance can prevent unscheduled repairs and downtime.

If costs were to rise, you should be able to identify why and make changes to prevent this from happening in the future.

Be Approachable

If you, as a fleet maintenance manager, are approachable, your drivers are more likely to come to you with problems, concerns or ideas.

Maintaining a fleet is a team effort. Your drivers are also responsible for the fleet. And establishing a clear line of open communication with your drivers will make fleet maintenance much easier.

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