Do you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, such as vans, trucks and tankers? Do you want to keep them in the best possible shape to reduce maintenance costs and maintain a professional reputation? If the answer is yes, your business may benefit from having a fleet washing contract.

Do I Need A Fleet Washing Contract?

Having a fleet washing contract with a professional fleet cleaning company like LPW Europe has a wide range of benefits. Unless you have the products, equipment and available staff, cleaning your fleet of commercial vehicles in-house is almost impossible.

And if you dont keep your fleet clean, you run the risk of increased maintenance and repairs costs. Traffic film, such as dirt, oil, tar and dust can build up on your vehicle.

Aside from looking unprofessional, some components of traffic film can be damaging to the paintwork, such as iron fallout, brake fluid and tree sap. The layer of traffic film can also trap moisture, which will lead to rust on the metal components of your fleet vehicle. Dirty windows and lights can also increase pose a risk for your drivers.

Plus, your vehicles are seen by thousands of people every day on the roads, including potential customers. To give the very best impression, your vehicles should always be in tip-top condition.

With a fleet washing contract, the stress of cleaning your fleet vehicles is completely taken out of your hands.

Benefits Of Having A Fleet Washing Contract

Opting for a fleet washing contract with LPW Europe has a range of benefits for your business. We are a nationally operating fleet cleaning specialist and can clean your fleet on your site. Here are the key benefits of choosing us for your fleet washing contract:

  • Your fleet of vehicles will regularly be cleaned by our fleet cleaning experts who have plenty of experience and are always meticulous and time-efficient.
  • Our team arrive on your site fully equipped with everything they need to return your fleet to its former glory. This includes top of the range equipment and high-quality cleaning products, such as traffic film remover.
  • They even have a water containment disposal system, allowing them to take the dirty water away and dispose of it correctly.
  • Outsourcing your fleet cleaning to professionals takes the job out of your team’s hand, meaning you wont have to hire someone new or train your drivers on how to correctly clean the fleet vehicles. Your staff can stick to doing what they do best driving!
  • The fleet washing contract will outline the very best days and times to visit your site and carry out the cleaning. At LPW Europe, were very flexible with our clients. Our team will happily visit your site after hours or during the weekend.
  • We work closely with you to ensure our cleaning aligns with your schedule. We understand the importance of your work and we would never want to disrupt your business.
  • Were reliable and professional every time!

A Simple Fleet Washing Contract

Over the years, LPW Europe has worked closely with clients to improve our service and make our process more efficient for our clients. If you have fleet vehicles located at several sites across the UK, we can visit each of them, yet put it all together in one handy contract with one invoice.

Or, if your drivers pass one of our Truck Wash Sites when on their routes, they can pop in and have their vehicle professionally cleaned as part of your contract. Find out more about our Truck Wash Site Locations. Some of these sites also offer professional Tank Washing.

Get In Touch

If you are in the UK and you require a fleet washing contract, get in touch with LPW Europe by calling us on 01708 463400 or emailing us at We are a family-owned business with more than 50 years of experience under our belt.

Our team of Mobile Fleet Washing Units currently cleans more than 80,000 fleet vehicles on UK roads, and we are proud to be the largest independently and nationally operated vehicle cleaning specialists in the country.

LPW Europe prides itself on offering the very best services for our clients. We help them keep their fleets in tip-top condition, sustain their brands and protect their assets.

Aside from offering mobile fleet cleaning across the UK, we also have an online shop that stocks a full range of fleet cleaning equipment and products. Shop our industrial pressure washers, traffic film remover, screen wash and more here.