Heavy-duty pressure washers vary in price depending on the model you purchase but you should expect to pay at least £1000 for a basic model and up to £3000 for a heavy-duty hot pressure washer.

Why the huge difference in prices you may ask? Let us explain.  

Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Prices

Heavy-duty pressure washers, industrial pressure washers, commercial pressure washers – these terms all mean more or less the same and are used to describe pressure washers that are designed for all other tasks that are not domestic. These are not the average patio washers you buy from a local hardware store – they are designed and built for heavy-duty use.

Heavy-duty use means either constant or high usage or using the equipment to clean larger or dirtier areas.

The heavy-duty nature of these machines means they are built to last and are much more powerful than domestic pressure washers. Of course, this means heavy-duty pressure washers have a higher price tag.

A basic domestic pressure washer may cost as little as £100 but heavy-duty pressure washers are always going to start at around the thousand-pound mark.

Types Of Heavy-Duty Washers and Prices

Heavy-duty pressure washers can be used in a wide variety of settings, hence why they are available in a few different styles.

Industrial washers are most likely to be found on petrol station forecourts for customer use or used by operatives at drive-through car wash stations. Businesses in the automotive industry, such as dealerships also use them, and of course, haulage companies or any business with a large vehicle fleet will use heavy-duty pressure washers to keep their vehicles in tip-top, squeaky clean condition.

Because of this wide range of applications, there are several types of washer available:

  • Mobile cold water pressure washers – starting from £1,225.99, these smaller cold water pressure washers still pack a mighty cleaning punch whilst being light and portable making them an efficient choice for a wide range of settings.
  • Mobile hot water pressure washers – starting from £2,249.99, mobile hot water pressure washers are larger than cold water models but are still highly efficient and easy to move around.
  • Static wall mounted cold pressure washers – wall mounted static pressure washers start from £1,695.99 and are an excellent option where space is limited.
  • Freestanding static hot pressure washers – the ‘big boys’, static hot pressure washers for industrial use are the most expensive but powerful type of heavy-duty washer, starting from £2,995.99.

Of course, there is then also the cost of accessories and cleaning solutions to consider when purchasing a heavy-duty pressure washer.

The range of industrial pressure washers we stock all come with standard accessories included such as an industrial gun, lance and twin wire hose.

Traffic film remover and screen wash are available separately in our store.

Why Does A Heavy Duty Hot Water Pressure Washer Cost More?

if you are confused as to why heavy-duty pressure washers vary so much in price, it comes down to power and whether the unit is hot or cold water.

More power means more money. If you are buying a more powerful piece of machinery, it will have more parts and cost more to produce. Hence the premium price tag.

The big price rise, however, comes with hot water heavy-duty pressure washers which are usually double the cost of cold water models.

Heating water under pressure is quite a complex process which automatically makes the equipment more expensive to design and produce.

However, hot water pressure washers pay for themselves in the long run as they save time by cleaning faster and more efficiently than cold water models.

Choosing between the two comes down to budget and needs – a cold-water heavy-duty pressure washer with the right cleaning solutions will produce excellent results but a hot water model will give you the same results just much faster. This is especially true when it comes to removing traffic film from vehicles or a fleet.

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