The winter months seem to have crept up on us so quickly. To be fair, we have been a tad preoccupied with other things, like the ever-present pandemic. But as the temperature drops and the weather changes, our vehicles get dirtier and dirtier.

Fleet cleaning is essential all year round. But its definitely needed more often during the winter months. Are you having your fleet cleaned enough? Or should you be cleaning it more often? We are here to answer these questions for you!

Regular Fleet Cleaning

Car manufacturers recommend cleaning vehicles once a week. However, when it comes to fleet cleaning, once a week isnt always possible. Your fleet likely spends a lot of time on the road. And cleaning as regularly as once a week can be an inconvenience for business (and for your drivers).

If your fleet is out on the road full time, we would recommend having your fleet cleaned twice per month. Especially during the winter months when the rain, snow and wind make the roads particularly dirty. Having your fleet cleaned every two weeks will remove the build up of dirt, dust, grime and oil that has built up whilst on the road.

In dryer months you may be able to reduce the number of times your fleet is cleaned. If you have your fleet professionally cleaned, ensure you are opting for a company that offers flexibility. If you have vehicles that arent on the road quite as often, they likely wont need cleaning as regularly as others.

Importance Of Regular Fleet Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your fleet is not only vital for the vehicles, but it is also important for your business! Your fleet is seen by thousands of people, including potential customers, every single day.

Keeping your fleet clean ensures that your company information and logo is always visible. It also improves brand awareness and demonstrates professionalism. Regular fleet cleaning will remove grime build up and prevent rust or corrosion from harmful corrosives, such as salt.

If your vehicles arent professionally cleaned, the build-up of dirt can damage the body of the vehicle as well as exposed mechanical components. This will help lower fleet maintenance costs, which can spiral if you take your eye off the ball! It also increases safety for your drivers by ensuring all windshield, headlights and mirrors are clearly visible.

Where Can I Get My Fleet Cleaned?

For your convenience, there are LPW Truck Wash Sites up and down the UK. Purfleet, Avonmouth, Castleford, Alconbury, Coneygarth and Felixstowe each have professional fleet cleaning sites conveniently located near major roads and motorways.

Your fleet will be professionally deep cleaned, which includes hand-finishing the cabs, wheels, and chassis, using ISO9002 standard Traffic Film Remover detergent, and the highest quality cleaning tools. The expert fleet cleaners are fast and efficient, meaning your driver will be on their way in no time!

Alternatively, you can opt for Mobile Fleet Wash, which is a professional on-site fleet cleaning service. Wherever you are located in the UK, LPW Europe will visit your site to carry out expert fleet cleaning as and when you need it.

We have more than 100 mobile fleet cleaning units currently washing over 15,000 vehicles per week. Whether you want fortnightly cleans, monthly cleans or something more often, we can cater to your needs.

We use specialised equipment and high-quality cleaning products, including Traffic Film Remover. You dont have to worry about wastewater either. If you dont have an appropriate place to dispose of the wastewater, we will use our very own water containment and disposal system. It is environment agency approved and allows us to take our wastewater with us.

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Looking for professional, regular fleet cleaning services?

LPW Europe is a UK leader in vehicle cleaning. We are a family-operated company that provides fleet cleaning across the whole of the UK. We have truck washing sites conveniently located at various destinations across the country.

In addition, we provide mobile fleet washing services, wherever you are! Our team will arrive at your site fully equipped with the superior equipment and cleaning supplies they need to have your fleet looking brand new in no time at all. Get in touch to find out more.