The correlation between building positive brand awareness and truck washing may not be immediately obvious, but there is a strong link between the two.

Your brand is your customers’ first impression of your business – a ‘shop window’ to entice potential customers and illustrate what your services are all about. So creating and maintaining a strong and positive brand is essential.

The Benefits of Brand Image

Brand image is defined as “the general impression of a product held by real or potential consumers”. This means that your brand is constantly being perceived and analysed by a range of audiences. By taking pride in your brand’s status, you have the potential to reach a further audience while retaining your own loyal consumer base.

There are numerous ways to build a strong brand image, be it through customer feedback, marketing strategies, or external communications.

But one of the best ways to focus on a positive brand awareness is to ensure visibility of your brand.

How Truck Washing Helps Brand Image

Here at LPW Europe, we understand the importance of having a clean fleet. With branded trucks constantly on the move traveling across the UK, they are seen by thousands of people every day.

Your vehicles are a key representation of your brand, so to maintain a professional and positive brand image your fleets should be kept clean. This not only helps to promote a positive brand image, but indicates to your customers that you care about how your brand is seen.

LPW Europe are the UK’s largest vehicle washing provider. We have multiple truck wash stations strategically placed around the UK in easily accessible places. We provide a professional and top-quality service which has us highly ranked within the truck washing industry.

We have continually good reviews, straight from the mouths of our customers and we are used by many well-known brands and businesses such as DPD, Maritime, and more.

Within a few of our truck washing sites we also operate a dedicated food-grade tank washing service for our customers. We also have a network of mobile fleet washing vehicles, allowing our customers the flexibility to have their fleets cleaned at a time and place to suit them.

Brand awareness is hugely important when running a business. Building and maintaining a strong and positive brand image is essential for a successful business, and with LPW Europe’s trusted vehicle washing service we can help create the foundations to support with you brand’s growth.