As the UK Leader in commercial vehicle cleaning, we are always looking to develop new ways to make sure vehicles can be kept clean. We have therefore developed and released a new low-pressure cleaning system.

The new system has been developed in order to meet the needs of clients who either only have a couple of vehicles per site, or have no access to power. The system is designed for sites to be able to keep their vans and rigids clean.

Previously sites with a very small amount of vehicles would still have to fund a full pressure washer, which whilst being able to provide a quicker clean- is more expensive and pushed up the cost per wash at these sites. For those sites with no access to power, this new system gives a much better alternative to simply using a hose and brush.

This new LPW Fleetcare low-pressure system simply attaches to a half inch bib-stop tap. The system throttles the water to provide a natural increase of pressure on the water from the tap. It then switches to take Traffic Film Remover from a 20 Litre container supplied by LPW Fleetcare, with a simple user operated switch on the system, and throttles to create a foam.

The package supplied also includes an extendible vehicle cleaning brush and holder, and a 2 metre water feed hose to connect from your tap to the system.

If this system could be of interest at your depot please contact us here, on 01708 463400 or email

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