2020 has been challenging to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the year into one many of cannot wait to see the back of.

Despite every challenge the year threw at us, the LPW Europe team continued to provide an unrivalled service to our amazing clients.

And we have no doubt that 2021 is going to be a fantastic year. We have exciting plans for LPW Europe that we would love to share with you

LPW Europe: The Story So Far

LPW Europe has come a long way in the last 49 years! Since our doors opened in 1972, we have cleaned countless trucks and helped thousands of businesses maintain their fleet.

We grew from a small, family-owned business to a national company that dominates the UKs commercial vehicle cleaning market.

At LPW Europe, we like to think our success comes from our dedication to our loyal clients, as well as our ability to provide a truly spectacular service every time.

The LPW Europe Divisions

The LPW Truckwash division has several truck wash sites located across the UK, offering accessible and efficient truck cleaning to drivers on the road.

The ever-so-convenient LPW Mobile Fleet Wash division currently features 100 mobile fleet cleaning units operating across the UK. Our experienced fleet cleaners are cleaning around 15,000 vehicles per week on our clients sites.

Plus, our environment agency approved effluent containment and disposal systems ensures we take the dirty water with us and dispose of it correctly! Our clients dont have to worry about a thing. Their fleet will be returned to its former glory right there in their own yard.

Truck wash

Our LPW Tankwash division offers internal tank cleaning at sites in Avonmouth and Purfleet. We provide thorough sanitisation of the inside of tanker trailers including foot hauling tanker trailers.

Through our various divisions, we clean about 80,000 of trucks on UK roads. And were not stopping there!

Aside from the fleet cleaning divisions, LPW Europe also supplies superior fleet cleaning products, including traffic film remover, screen wash and heavy duty pressure washers.

The Future Of LPW Europe

The LPW Europe team is planning various expansions that will allow us to clean even more fleets across the UK.

To maximise the benefits our clients receive, we are continuously looking to incorporate innovative technologies into our business. We are also always developing and expanding the scope of products and services on offer.

So, it may come as no surprise that theres lots of exciting things in store for 2021.

LPW Tank Wash Plans

We are exciting to announce that we are establishing a brand new state-of-the art LPW Tank Wash Centre! Our third tank wash centre is due to open next to our existing LPW Truck Wash at Whitwood (Castleford) in West Yorkshire.

As with the other LPW Europe Tankwash Centres, it will provide thorough sanitisation and cleaning for food grade tanker trailers, as well as rigid tankers. All internal tanks will be washed in compliance with industry standards and certification will be issued.

LPW Mobile Fleetwash Plans

In 2021, we are also expanding the operation of the LPW Mobile Fleetwash division in the Republic of Ireland, which originally launched in 2020. The expansion will help support our existing multinational customers.

It will also provide the opportunity to service local haulage and associated companies who are looking to maintain the appearance of their large fleets of vehicles, as well as their corporate brand image.

LPW Fleetcare Plans

The LPW Fleetcare division is also launching new products in 2021! We are introducing an amazing Extreme Screen Wash, which can operate down to -15c. This will prevent washer reservoirs from freezing and has been manufactured specially for commercial vehicles.

In addition, we are looking to build on our 2020 acquisitions of Transwash in Scotland and Alpine Cleaning in the South East. We also have further plans for future acquisitions and expansion planned for 2021!

Get In Touch

As you can see, we only have plans to get bigger and better here at LPW! We are looking forward to another year of cleaning and maintaining your fleets and providing you with first-class products.

If you are in the UK and you require professional fleet cleaning, dont hesitate to get in touch with LPW Europe.

We are the only fleet washing company that covers the whole of the UK! Wherever you are, we will come to your site and return your fleet of trucks to its former glory.