As a fleet manager, you have a lot of responsibilities, including keeping your vehicles clean and presentable when they are on the road.

Keeping vehicles clean can be a difficult task, especially if you are dealing with heavy goods vehicles like lorries and trucks. If this is the case then you might need more specialised and more industrial equipment like our industrial pressure washers.

What Is An Industrial Pressure Washer?

An industrial pressure washer is a piece of cleaning equipment that is specially designed to emit highly pressurised water with incredible speed and force. It has been designed and built for heavy use and it suitable for industrial environments. The force of the water is so powerful it can loosen and dislodge things such as dirt, mud and dust that would be almost impossible to remove by hand.

Industrial power washers are incredibly powerful and are much more effective and efficient when it comes to washing large surfaces like lorries and trucks. You can find industrial pressure washers that can emit hot or cold water giving you the option for a much deeper and much more hygienic clean.

They can also be used in conjunction with cleaning chemicals so that your vehicles get the best, highest quality clean. Most industrial pressure washers can be used with a range of nozzles and hoses so you can get a more intricate and precise clean if you need to.

Do I Need An Industrial Pressure Washer?

When driving for long periods of time, vehicles can get covered in thick layers of dirt and grime that can be almost impossible to get off by hand. An industrial pressure washer can get this traffic film off quickly and efficiently. The high-pressure water easily cuts through the dirt and washes it away with almost no resistance.

Using an industrial pressure washer means you can get a high quality clean without needing to use force or physically scrubbing at the vehicles. This reduces the chance of scratching or damaging the vehicle.

Using an industrial pressure washer is not only safer for the vehicle but can be much more efficient. It is quicker than using a regular hose or scrubbing by hand so you can wash a lot of vehicles a lot quicker than you normally could.

Where Can I Get An Industrial Pressure Washer?

Here At LPW we have a range of truck washing and cleaning supplies to help you keep your fleet as clean and presentable as possible. We are especially proud of our industrial pressure washers and accompanying accessories.

Our industrial pressure washers come in a range of sizes so we are confident we have the right industrial pressure washer for you and your fleet. Starting from 1,225.99 all of our industrial pressure washers include an industrial gun, lance and a 9-metre twin wire hose as standard accessories. We also sell additional hoses and nozzles.

Our range includes mobile cold water pressure washers, mobile hot water pressure washers, static wall-mounted pressure washers and freestanding pressure washers.

All of our industrial pressure washers have clever and innovative designers that include a High-Pressure Chemical System. This allows you to safely and efficiently use chemical cleaning products to get the best clean possible on your vehicle without harming the paintwork.

All of our products are robust and designed to last so that you can get the absolute most out of your industrial pressure washers. They are cleverly designed to be effective and user friendly so its easier than ever to get your fleet cleaned to the highest standard and keep it that way.

All of our products are available on our online store. All deliveries are free and LPW delivers nationwide so we can provide you with these amazing, effective time-saving products no matter where you are, without the delivery fees.

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If you are in the UK and you require high-quality lorry cleaning equipment and products for your fleet cleaning, dont hesitate to get in touch with LPW Europe. We offer a full range of fleet cleaning essentials, including heavy-duty pressure washers and TFR. Plus, we can deliver to your site, wherever you are in the UK.

Alternatively, if you would rather have your fleet professionally cleaned by the experts, give us a shout! Our Mobile Fleet Wash team will come to your site and return your fleet to its former glory. Our team bring all the equipment they need, including a water containment disposal system.