Following on from our contactless jet wash rollout, we are pleased to announce a further advancement in technology to help make our operation even more efficient.

We have rolled out a new hub for all of our wash data. The bespoke system, powered by BigChange apps enables us to have live wash transaction data and scheduling throughout the country.

Each Mobile Fleetwash Operator and LPW Fleetcare delivery driver has a shock proof and (of course) waterproof tablet to record their information. Once the job is completed on site, the data is then sent to the office for processing. This cuts out the delay in scanning and sending paperwork by email, resulting in much more efficient processes.

The new system enables the office staff to instantly view live schedules for the 130 plus operators, and combines with our van tracking system to give full transparency over the whole operation.

These advancements have made all our processes much more efficient, cutting down on admin time and allowing procedures to be recorded on the tablet. Our audits are all carried out on the same system, as well as delivery scheduling for our Fleetcare service.

The advancements mean we can service our clients needs much more efficiently using better timings, specific audit questions for clients sent to the tablets and faster communication channels. All of this functionality is in one place.

For more information about how our new system can help you contact your account manager, or if you’re a new customer contact us via our online form, call 01708 463400 or email

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