In addition to our eight UK truckwash sites, LPW Group also operate a mobile fleetwash division specialising in on-site vehicle cleaning.

Our nationwide network of Mobile Truck Washing Units are currently cleaning over 15,000 vehicles every week across the UK. This, together with over 45 year’s experience, make Mobile Fleetwash the largest and most professional vehicle cleaning company in the UK.

We are proud to be relied on by major UK brands to keep their fleets and brand in the best possible condition, and we take pride in providing an exceptional service to our valued customers.

Vehicle Cleaning at your Site

We know that running your fleet in an efficient way is crucial to your business. This is why our mobile fleetwash service offers the perfect solution to keep your vehicles in great condition without impacting your daily operations.

With specialist units spread all across the country, our on-site vehicle cleaning service is available no matter where you are located, at a time to suit you and your business. Scheduling your vehicle cleaning around your business’ schedule can reduce any downtime your fleet spends off the road, and maximise productivity.

We pride ourselves in solving the most challenging of problems for you; and as a result, we can conduct onsite truck washes at your convenience – even if that means coming to your site at irregular hours.

Wastewater Containment and Disposal

With our mobile fleetwash service, there is no need to worry about taking care of any aftermath of on-site vehicle cleaning.

We are committed to providing a quality service to customers in the most sustainable way possible. Just one of the ways we do this is through our unique waste water containment and recycling system.

All purpose-built Mobile Fleetwash vans are equipped with comprehensive waste water systems which take care of drainage and discharge. In addition, our process is licensed by the Environment Agency.

We use a range of specialist equipment, operated by skilled and experienced professionals to carry out our processes. Our aim is to recycle the water used during our washes as much as possible, for the most efficient and eco-friendly service.

Using Mobile Fleetwash not only guarantees a professional and innovative service, but also the best results for vehicles.