Do you have a fleet of trucks in Birmingham that need professionally cleaning? At LPW Europe, we provide onsite truck washing in Birmingham and across the UK!

On-Site Truck Wash In Birmingham

LPW Europe has more than 45 years worth of experience in providing quality truck washing services to companies up and down the country. Along with our sister company, Mobile Fleet Wash, we provide onsite truck washing to the whole of Birmingham (and the rest of the UK).

We currently clean more than 15,000 trucks and lorries on UK roads. So, it’s safe to say were trusted by hundreds of companies. Wherever you are located, our experienced fleet cleaners will visit your site at a time and day that suits you. To minimise business disruption, we even providing truck washing in Birmingham in the evenings and at weekends.

Our fleet wash team will bring state of the art equipment and high-quality products. They will then expertly clean your fleet, returning your trucks to their former glory, before taking the wastewater away with them. Our scheduling is based on weekly, twice weekly or fortnightly truck washing in Birmingham.

The Benefits Of Mobile Truck Wash In Birmingham

Your trucks and lorries are seen by thousands of people every day, especially on routes through busy cities such as Birmingham. A dirty fleet looks unprofessional and can damage your business reputation. Unfortunately, trucks get dirty fairly easily thanks to the weather, road conditions and traffic.

Regular truck washing can increase brand awareness and demonstrate professionalism. It can also reduce future maintenance costs. The build up of traffic film can harm the paintwork on your trucks, as well as causing rust on the metal components. Safely removing this layer of dirt using the correct products and equipment is the best way to prevent damage.

onsite truck washing in Birmingham by LPW Europe

However, investing in the correct equipment and high-quality products can be costly, especially if you have a large fleet. Plus, if you want your trucks and lorries cleaning properly, you may have to provide training to your drivers, which is another expense.

Onsite truck washing is the best alternative. It is cost-effective and time-efficient. Plus, we provide a perfect clean every time. Our team will even clean inside the cabin using antiviral products, if required.

Our Truck Wash Process

LPW Europe has been operating since 1972. Over the years, we have perfected the truck washing process. Our highly-trained fleet cleaners start by brushing the flat surfaces of your vehicle, including the cab. This will lift off most of the loose road grime, mud, dust, and other dirt.

Then using our own range of solvent-free and caustic-free detergents and traffic film removers, our team meticulously clean the vehicle without damaging the paintwork. Next, industrial (hot and cold) pressure washers are used to ensure every last bit of dirt is washed away.

The team pay particular attention to the following areas: lights, cab backs, visual chassis members, under wheel arches, spray suppression flaps and windows.

When it comes to payment, our process has been simplified for your convenience. Even if you require truck washing in Birmingham across several sites, we can provide one invoice for all the services we provide.

We accept payment by Cash/Card, prepaid wash tokens, Fuel card or payment on account. In addition, we can offer a full professional service alongside your fleet cleaning, including site auditing and data reporting.

Wastewater Management

At LPW Europe, we try to consider the environment with every decision we make. This is why we are proud to have a wastewater containment system. The wastewater containment system allows our team to contain and remove all wastewater from your site and dispose of it correctly at an environment agency approved location. This system is particularly useful on sites that lack drainage.

For Professional Truck Washing In Birmingham Get In Touch

If you would like a professional fleet cleaning team to visit your site in Birmingham and return your fleet to its former glory, get in touch with LPW Europe. We have been operating for 50 years and we are currently the largest independently and nationally operated vehicle cleaning specialist in the country.

If you would like to purchase high-quality fleet cleaning equipment, such as Industrial Pressure Washers and Traffic Film Remover (and have it delivered for free), head to our online shop.