We are delighted to introduce our full range of vehicle cleaning pressure washers.

Pressure washer types and payment methods

Our jet washes range from static to mobile, cold water or hot water and vary in size and power- prices vary accordingly.

All equipment shown is available for outright purchase, monthly rental, Fleetcare Management System (Rental plus TFR) and Cost per wash.

As part of our outright purchase or monthly rental services we also supply Traffic Film Remover on a regular basis to make sure you’re topped up and never run out, and you’re only charged per litre dispensed.

Fleet cleaning pressure washerMobile jet washMobile Pressure WasherTruck cleaning jet wash

Indicative pricing

To give an idea of our jet wash prices the below are outright purchase prices-

Cold water machines starting from outright purchase price 1,299
Hot water machines starting from outright purchase price 2,499

Additional offer for machine purchases- 100ltrs of LPW Ultrawash TFR OR a complete Vikan vehicle cleaning brush, handle and bracket.

Additional items

If you require any additional vehicle cleaning accessories, from replacement hoses or brushes to screenwash and cab cleaning products, get in touch as we will deliver them with your TFR.

Please contact us for further information, and a specific quote tailored to your requirements.

Jet wash delivery