From managing your team of drivers to liaising with clients, theres a lot to think about when running a fleet of vehicles. As a business owner, you want peace of mind that your fleet is regularly cleaned and maintained.

After all, a clean fleet is crucial to your business. But before you bite the bullet, you want to be sure youre making the right decision by outsourcing your fleet cleaning.

In this blog, we share the top five reasons to outsources your fleet cleaning.

Outsourcing Your Fleet Cleaning Leads To A Cleaner Fleet

First and foremost, outsourcing your fleet cleaning will lead to a cleaner fleet! Once you start using professional fleet cleaners such as LPW Europe, you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

Aside from having the work carried out by an experienced cleaner who specialises in fleet cleaning, your vehicles will also benefit from the exceptional equipment and high-quality products.

The build-up of dirt, grime and grease will be carefully removed without damaging your vehicles. And every nook and cranny of your fleet will be expertly cleaned and shined. The products used will also add a protective layer to your fleet, which will help them remain clean for longer.

Save Money On Products, Equipment & Staff

To clean your own fleet properly, you will need to invest in the correct, high-quality equipment and products. This might include high-pressure washers, detergents, and traffic film remover.

You may also need to invest in a water containment and disposal system, which can be incredibly costly. On top of this, you will have added costs to payroll if your own team are cleaning the fleet. You may also have the added cost of training employees.

If you opt to outsource your fleet cleaning, you will significantly reduce the cost of cleaning your fleet. Fleet cleaning professionals will use on the very best equipment and high-quality products to clean your fleet as and when it suits you.

Plus, they will take care of the wastewater. Here at LPW, we have our very own environment agency approved effluent containment and disposal systems.

Outsourcing Your Fleet Cleaning Will Increase Brand Awareness

When out on the roads, your vehicles are seen by thousands of people (and potential customers!) every single day. In fact, studies found that in areas of heavy traffic, your vehicle can be seen by up to 3,000 potential customers in one hour!

When your vehicles are branded with your logo and contact details, you want to ensure that people can see them clearly. A clean, well-maintained vehicle will give a much better impression than a dirty vehicle. it will demonstrate professionalism and increase your brand awareness.

Your Fleet Will Last Longer

Cleaning is a crucial part of fleet maintenance. It removes the grime, salt and other dirt that can cause corrosion and damage your fleet. Plus, a professional cleaner will only use products that are safe for your vehicles. They also have the experience to understand and manage risks.

Regularly cleaning your fleet will also preserve the resale value of your fleet, which may make a huge difference in the future.

You Can Focus Your Efforts Elsewhere

Outsourcing your fleet cleaning gives you peace of mind that your fleet is being properly taken care of. You dont have to train employees on how to clean vehicles correctly. Nor do you have to spend time researching and buying the best equipment and products.

You can focus your efforts on other important aspects of the business, such as driving your business forward.

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LPW Europe is a UK leader in vehicle cleaning. We are a family-operated company that provides fleet cleaning across the whole of the UK. We have truck washing sites conveniently located at various destinations across the country.

In addition, we provide mobile fleet washing services, wherever you are! Our team will arrive at your site fully equipped with the superior equipment and cleaning supplies they need to have your fleet looking brand new in no time at all.

We also offer internal tank cleaning services for tanker trailers and rigid tankers.