In this LPW Europe blog, we outline the importance of removing traffic film off your fleet vehicles and share the best way to remove it.

Importance Of Safely Removing Traffic Film

Traffic film is the build up of dirt, oil, tar and dust that leaves an unsightly film on your fleet vehicles. Dirty fleet vehicles look unprofessional and can damage your business’ reputation.

Some traffic film components, such as iron fallout, brake fluid or tree sap can be particularly damaging for the paintwork of your fleet. It is important that these are removed as soon as possible. Plus, the layer of film can trap moisture, which will lead to rust on the metal components of your fleet vehicle.

To avoid damaging your fleet vehicles, traffic film should be removed carefully using the correct products. Some vehicle cleaning detergents are not strong enough to remove the stubborn film of dirt. Instead, you need a high-quality traffic film remover

Choosing Traffic Film Remover

Traffic film remover is a strong solution designed and manufactured specifically to weaken the film of dirt and remove it safely without causing damage to your vehicle.

Unlike shampoos and cleaning snow, TFR should not be left on the vehicle for a long period of time. It does the job quickly and should be removed using a pressure washer.

There are various traffic film removers on the market. But if you are purchasing TFR for a fleet, you need to be sure of two things:

  1. That the TFR is of exceptional quality and will not damage your vehicles.
  2. That the TFR is available in large quantities (bulk) and can be delivered to your site.

At LPW Europe, we offer two types of Traffic Film Remover. Both have been scientifically manufactured and tested specifically for the cleaning of commercial vehicles. Better yet, they are available in 20litre, 200litre, 1000litre IBC and Bulk with free UK mainland delivery available.

Traffic Film Remover Ultra Wash

The LPW Europe Ultra Wash TFR is a carefully formulated caustic-free and solvent-free product designed to remove road dirt and traffic film carefully and successfully.

It can be used in conjunction with all vehicle cleaning systems. Our amazing market-leading product is currently used to clean over 20,000 vehicles every week in the UK.

Traffic Film Remover Ultra Wash Plus

The LPW Europe Ultra Wash Plus TFR is a highly concentrated traffic film remover. This TFR is recommended for use on vehicles where heavy soiling occurs and in medium to hard water areas. It can be used in conjunction with all brushless wash systems and pressure washers.

Professional Fleet Cleaning

Keeping your fleet vehicles dirt-free is a big task. It requires specialist equipment and products. Plus, if you want the job done properly without damaging your vehicles, you may also have to train your staff.

Or you can outsource your fleet cleaning to professionals.

LPW Europe is a fleet cleaning professional operating across the UK. We will visit your site at a time convenient to you and expertly clean your fleet.

Our Mobile Fleet Wash team will bring state-of-the-art equipment, such as industrial pressure washers and top quality Traffic Film Remover. We will also bring a water containment system to catch the dirty water so we can dispose of it correctly.

To minimise any disruption to your business, we can visit your site during the evenings or at weekends. To make the process as simple as possible, we can provide a single invoice for all the fleet cleaning services. Plus, we can provide you with KPI reporting to keep you updated with the efficiency of your vehicle cleaning.

Aside from Mobile Fleet Washing, we also have Truck Wash sites dotted in convenient locations across the UK. If one of our sites is on your drivers’ route, they can stop off and have their fleet vehicle professionally cleaned. Our expert cleaners work quickly and efficiently to have your drivers back on the road as soon as possible.

Get In Touch

If you would like a professional fleet cleaning team to visit your site and return your fleet to its former glory, get in touch with LPW Europe. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase high-quality Traffic Film Remover (and have it delivered for free), give us a shout.

LPW Europe has been operating for 50 years and is currently the largest independently and nationally operated vehicle cleaning specialist in the country.