Having a properly cleaned tanker is vital, whether its a rigid tanker or a tanker trailer.

In this blog, well outline the different types of tanker cleaning available, whats included in an internal tank wash, and why the process is so important.

Well also take a look at where you can get tanker cleaning services in the UK.

Why is a Clean Tanker Important?

Well sanitised tankers are vital for a number of legal, ecological, and safety reasons. If youre a hauler of food or drink products, for example, your tanker will have to be cleaned in adherence with the strict regulations set for the food industry.

It also means that the contents of your tanker isnt adversely affected, and doesnt endanger those who consume the products youre transporting.

The same goes if youre changing from non-food to food-grade loads, in that your tanker trailers must be internally washed to meet safety standards. Only then are your loads legal to transport and safe to use.

Simply put; without a professional tanker clean, your stock and operations will be at risk, and your business reputation is likely to suffer as a result. With professional tanker cleaning by LPW, you get the peace of mind that comes with no-fine compliance, as well as a strong reputation for safe and clean equipment.

LPW tanker

What is Included in a Tank Wash?

There are lots of different procedures that go into a tanker clean. Firstly, we ensure that every aspect of the tanker is sanitised, starting with the entry and exit points. These should be first priority.

But thats not all. As well as the internal tank itself and the entry and exit points, there are several other areas that need attention. Including:

  • The tank outlet
  • Hose tube covers
  • Vent cap
  • Dome cover
  • Pump inlet
  • Pump outlet

All of these are of equal importance to ensure that your company adheres to all safety standards and UK law. Specialist equipment and cleaning products are required to carry out a safe internal tanker clean.

Getting an in-depth clean completed by a tank cleaning expert ensures these requirements are met, giving you complete peace of mind in the process.

Where Can I Get My Tanker Washed?

With LPW Europe! We operate tanker wash sites up and down the country for your convenience and provide a high level of service to all of our customers. LPW offer extremely quick turnarounds and adhere to all safety regulations and standards required.

Our experienced and highly-qualified staff are able to distribute certifications required for drivers that need to refill. We can also provide necessary paperwork and seals to comply with food regulations and chemical safety.

LPW Tankwash sites provide completely pressurised tanker washes that can clean and sanitise the toughest substances of all. We can therefore handle every chemical and fluid, such as oils, acids, alkalines, and food products like dairy, and chocolate.

Mobile Tanker Cleaning

Not only do we have tank wash sites up and down the country, but we also provide a mobile fleet cleaning service for our customers.

So, no matter where youre located, we can bring our expertise and equipment to you directly. This provides you with an excellent service without the need to do anything other than getting in touch with LPW.

Drop us a line at 01708 463 400 or email us today to find out more about our mobile tanker cleaning and fleet washing services.

Eco-Friendly Tank Wash with LPW

Our internal tanker cleaning is also eco-friendly, and public draining systems arent at risk of exposure from dangerous chemicals. This is because we dont use any dangerous chemicals. All of our ISO 9002 detergents are not only solvent-free but non-caustic as well.

They pass all safety standard tests and dont burn or corrode, so there are no nasty surprises that could damage your business, haulage-loads, or the environment.

We work hard to protect your tankers and your brand. Thats why we provide this high level of quality and service as standard with our tanker cleans.

Get in Touch

LPW Europe is a truck washing and cleaning specialist, with years of experience under our belts.

We take our work very seriously, and are proud and passionate about the service we provide. For a quote or to find out more information on our tank wash services and other fleet cleaning, get in touch.

Give us a call to speak to one of our experts on 01708 463 400, or drop us an email. You can also take a look at our map to find the closest truck tanker wash station to your location and book yourself and your vehicle in today.