Keeping your fleet in good condition is essential for your company image and branding. Through our unique online one-stop-shop platform, we supply a variety of fleet cleaning solutions to suit the needs of your business.

With many options to consider, which is right for you? Here’s our list of the top five products we recommend for keeping your vehicles clean.

Industrial Pressure Washers

Designed for commercial environments, our industrial pressure washers can help to significantly reduce service time and costs for your business.

Our comprehensive range includes heavy duty hot and cold jet wash equipment. Their robust design makes them incredibly reliable and efficient pieces of equipment to have.

These high-pressure chemical systems dramatically improve your cleaning performance with the efficient use of chemicals. All of our models include industrial trigger, lance and 9 metre twin wire hose as standard.

Screenwash for Fleet Cleaning

Screenwash is an absolute essential for fleet maintenance. Not just to promote a clean vehicle, but to ensure clear vision for your drivers at all times, through all weather conditions.

Our range of high quality screenwash products are available in three forms: pre-mixed screenwash, concentrate screenwash and extreme screenwash.

Our products are designed to clean and defrost windscreens on trucks, vans and cars which can operate in temperatures down to -4C (Pre-Mixed), -7C (Concentrate) and -15C (Extreme).

Traffic Film Remover

Our Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash (Traffic Film Remover) is the ideal solution to easily remove the dirt picked up by your fleet from the roads.

Our Traffic Film Remover is caustic and solvent free to guarantee an excellent clean while protecting vehicle livery. LPW Fleetcare TFR is available in Ultra Wash or Ultra Wash Plus for heavy cleaning. Both available in a range of quantities with monthly top-up options.

Glass & Plastic Cab Cleaning Spray

Our Glass ‘N’ Plastic Cleaner spray bottles are one of the most handy items to keep in vehicles, ideal for quick and easy cleaning top-ups.

Keeping any plastics and windows clean in a vehicle’s cab, they come in boxes of 6 x 750ml spray bottles.

Driver Pack Kit

Our Driver Pack Kit provides everything drivers need to maintain vehicle cab cleanliness, all within one durable drawstring bag.

These packs encourage drivers to keep their cabs clean by providing all the necessary tools in one handy bag, that can be easily stored in the cab for use.

Each bag contains several items, including New Trim Dashboard Cleaner; Glass & Plastic Cleaner; air freshener; microfibre specialist cleaning cloths; a sweeping brush, and dustpan.

Contact us about Fleet Cleaning

You can find all these products and more through our unique online shop platform, here. We also have a team of dedicated account managers on-hand to advise the best cleaning solutions for your fleet. With a distribution network spanning the UK, you can rely on us to deliver the best products and service possible.

Within the LPW Group, we also operate a national mobile fleetwash service who can take care of all of your fleet cleaning needs. Our units can come to your site wherever you are located and clean your fleet at a time to suit your business. Find out more here.

For more information about LPW Fleetcare or to enquire, contact 01708 463400 or email