Fleet management software has a ton of benefits and can make a huge difference to the day to day running of your business. However, there are so many varieties of fleet management software to choose from, choosing the best for your company can be tricky.

In this blog, were going to outline the top fleet management software on the market, and hopefully give you an idea of which software is best for your business.

Benefits Of Fleet Management Software

Route planning, GPS tracking, vehicle health, maintenance and repairs management, fuel management, task management, driver productivity and accountability, customer service, cost reporting.

There is so much to stay on top of when you are managing a fleet of commercial vehicles. But without the seamless management of your vehicles, your business wouldnt run smoothly.

Thankfully, fleet management has never been easier. With fleet management software, you can stay on top of your fleet, keep business costs to a minimum and ensure youre getting the most out of your team. Aside from helping you manage the fleet, this software will also make life easier for your drivers, which will increase productivity.

Top Five Fleet Management Software

When it comes to fleet management software, its important to remember that one size does not fit all. Each business has different needs.

A business that requires detailed route planning may prefer a different type of management software to a business that requires maintenance management. Similarly, a business with a large fleet may need software that offers more features than a business with a small fleet.

But finding the best fleet management software for your business can be tricky. Luckily for you, we have done the research so you dont have to! Here are the top five fleet management software available for your business


Fleetio is an excellent option for almost any fleet business thanks to its wide range of features. The comprehensive list of features covers an impressive range of fleet management tasks including fleet, fuel and equipment management, preventative maintenance, overseeing inspections and assigning work orders (to name a small handful).

You can also see drivers in real-time on Google Maps. But one thing that makes Fleetio stand out is its top-rated mobile application. Although it could have better reporting features, Fleetio is a great all-around software.


Onfleet is the best fleet management software for delivery companies and has various features tailored to these types of businesses. Its delivery-focused design allows users to optimise routes, communicate with driver and customer, provide real-time ETAs and collect instant customer feedback. Other great features include automated dispatch, live traffic view and proof of delivery.

Although it can be costly and has limited fleet data tools, Onfleet will certainly be up to the task for your delivery business.


Avrios easy to use interface makes it a firm favourite for firms with a high number of staff members, especially businesses that regularly have temporary/seasonal staff. After all, fleet management software only works well if everyone knows how to use it correctly. Avrios has a wide range of features including vehicle and driver database, fuel maintenance, fuel care integration, employee task management and driver training management.

Although it is missing other great features, such as vehicle tracking, Avrios is still an excellent choice. It even has a free plan option!


Zubie is a top choice for rental companies. With a comprehensive range of features, including GPS tracking, vehicle health diagnostics, driver performance data, maintenance management and reporting, Zubie is great for both small and large businesses. It is easy to use, offers great value for money and offers a free trial.

Teletrac Navman Director

For vehicle diagnostics, Teletrac Navman is one of the best fleet management software on the market. It supports integration with a tracker that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port, allowing you to stay on top of engine status, odometer, and battery status etc. This makes it the best option for cost calculation and fleet maintenance.

Aside from reducing risks relating to operational costs, Teletrac Navman also features an excellent driver management tool. It is the best software for business that rely on transportation.

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