LPW are proud to work with a vast range of customers and partners to provide accessible truckwash, tank cleaning and mobile fleet wash services across the UK.

Our customers span from large, renowned brands to independent fleet operators, all using LPW’s reputable facilities for the best quality services.

We also partner with several providers to ensure our services are as accessible as possible. Working with a first-class and reliable partner for the benefit of our growing customer base is our priority. This is why a number of years ago we partnered with TRAVIS Road Services.

TRAVIS makes road service management easier by offering a platform for carriers to find, book and pay for truck washing and tank cleaning services, all in one place. All LPW locations and further information about each service are easily found on TRAVIS platform, as well as a useful booking system.

The TRAVIS & LPW Partnership

Giah Tawag, Account Executive at TRAVIS, says: We?re proud to have all 7 locations of the LPW Europe Ltd sites within our network. There is no doubt why they are one of the very first partners we’ve had in the UK, not only do they have several key locations of truck washes, but they also have tank cleaning sites strategically located where TRAVIS customers can easily find them.

With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, they have built a strong and dedicated team that will always provide exceptional vehicle cleaning services to customers.

Jack Moon, Director of LPW, adds: LPW’s experience of the TRAVIS platform is great. It is a simple, accessible, and easy system to use.

One of the key benefits for us using TRAVIS is that it opens us up to a larger market across Europe, and helps to put the LPW brand in front of a lot more people. We would, and often do recommend TRAVIS to our partners so they can share the benefits.