Are you located in the UK? Are you looking for a professional and reliable truck washing company near you? Look no further! LPW Europe is one of the leading fleet cleaning companies in the UK.

We provide a range of fleet cleaning services including Mobile Fleet Washing, Truck Wash Sites and Tank Wash Services. We also provide exceptional truck cleaning products.

A Truck Washing Company That Comes To You

Do you need a truck washing company that comes to your site?

At LPW Europe, our mobile fleet wash division provides high-quality truck washing services on your site, wherever you are in the UK. Our experienced team will visit your site at a time that is convenient for your business and clean your trucks and lorries.

They arrive fully equipped with everything they may need to have your fleet looking spectacular. This includes hot and cold water industrial pressure washers and superior caustic- and solvent-free ISO 9002 detergents and traffic film removers.

Each mobile fleet wash unit also has a Water Containment & Disposal System, which is environment agency approved. This allows them to collect the dirty water and take it away with them to be disposed of correctly.

At LPW Europe, we go out of our way to make your life easier. Our team can visit your site in the evening, on the weekends or at a time thats best for you. The payment process has also been simplified for your convenience and you can receive a single invoice for all your fleet cleaning services. We accept payment on account, or you can pay by cash, card, prepaid wash tokens or with a fuel card.

LPW Europe Truck Washing Sites

Aside from visiting your site to clean your fleet vehicles, we also provide the opportunity for your drivers to have their trucks cleaned whilst on the road. LPW Europe has Truck Wash sites dotted in convenient locations across the UK.

We currently have truck wash facilities at popular truck stop sites in Purfleet, Avonmouth, Castleford, Felixstowe, Coneygarth and Alconbury. LPW Europe also has plans for further truck wash sites in the near future.

Each truck wash site has specialist equipment and season staff ready to quickly and efficiently clean your trucks so your drivers can get back on the road.

Avonmouth and Purfleet are also home to LPW Europe Tank Wash Sites. We provide thorough tank washes that guarantee full sanitisation of the inside of tanker trailers, as well as rigid tankers. All entry and exit points are cleaned. This includes tanker parts like the tank outlet, hose tube covers, vent cap, dome cover, and pump inlet and outlet.

LPW Europe: Your Dedicated Truck Washing Company

There are plenty of truck wash companies out there, but your fleet deserves the very best. And with LPW Europe, thats exactly what you will be getting. We have been operating for almost five decades and we are now the largest independently and nationally operated vehicle cleaning specialists in the country.

As well as our convenient truck washing services, it is our core values and dedication to our loyal clients that have shaped us into the company we are today. We are always working closely with clients to improve the services we offer. This, in turn, allows us to help our clients keep their fleets in tip-top condition, sustain their brand reputation and protect their assets.

Aside from cleaning more than 80,000 goods vehicles in the UK, we also provide state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products to our clients. Our online shop features our wide range of products and equipment, all of which can be delivered for free anywhere in the UK.

This includes industrial pressure washers, specially-formulated traffic film remover and screen wash. All of our products, including our detergents and screen wash can be bought in bulk for your convenience.

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