Our network of Truckwash sites are offering rewards for loyalty!

If a driver gets their vehicle washed at one of our Truckwash locations, they can ask for one of our LPW Truckwash loyalty cards, which they can use at all of our sites. Each card has space for 6 stamps, so on the 6th visit to any LPW Truckwash sites the driver receives a free gift.

The gift selection can be one of our LPW Fleetcare products, from de-icer to air freshener or dash cleaner. Each loyalty card has a map of our sites on the reverse to make sure the drivers are aware of where they can get their vehicle cleaned, and their card stamped!

We will soon be starting a competition through our social media channels where completed loyalty cards will be put into a prize draw every quarter, so keep your eyes on Twitter and Facebook for the launch.

The LPW Fleetcare products available at each site can combine to make our driver cab cleaning pack, which is available for £14.99 per pack, in a drawstring bag. Click on the button at the bottom to get in touch if you’d like to order some.

Our sites accept cash, debit/credit cards and fuelcards, but the best way to use our truckwash network is to sign up for an account with us, click the button below to get in touch and set one up.