LPW are the largest independently owned truck wash company in the UK.

We have a network of seven truck cleaning sites, as well as mobile fleetwash units across the country, meaning that wherever you are located, our services are never far away.

From professional truck and tank washing to providing a leading range of vehicle cleaning products, find out everything you need to know about our specialist services below.

LPW Truck Wash Services

Truck wash – We have many strategically placed truckwashing sites dotted around the UK. Our washes are provided by our trusty employees who aim to supply each customer with a superior truck wash and perfectly cleaned vehicles.

Mobile Fleet Wash – for the people who can’t travel to us, or need multiple vehicles cleaning at once, we provide a mobile onsite fleet cleaning service. Our dedicated team of mobile fleet wash professionals use state of the art washing equipment and cleaning agents to give the best possible service at a location and time that’s best suited to you.

LPW Fleet Care/Shop – want to maintain that high standard clean? We offer leading products to help you keep up with your fleet’s care, from industrial pressure washers and screen wash to convenient driver packs. To find out more about this? Click here.

LPW Tank Wash – we operate three easily accessible tank wash sites around the UK. Our dedicated food grade tank wash service provides a thorough cleaning and sanitisation. Click the link to find out what our Tank Wash services include.

LPW’s Leading UK Fleet Services

The range and standard of our services and products is what sets us apart from competitors.

With dedicated fleet washing units and sites across the country, we have ensured that we are available when and wherever our customers need us. Minimising downtime your vehicles spend off the road is essential, which our quick and efficient vehicle cleaning services help to achieve.

As leading cleaning product distributors in our field, we strive for not only the best service but also a professional one, from site auditing to data reporting – we provide it all.

From having an eco-truck wash to water containment systems, we strive to maintain an eco-friendly service at all times.

Being a customer centric company, we are always looking for more ways we can enhance our vehicle cleaning services by being as innovative as possible.

With all our services, locations, professionalism, innovation, and eco-friendly outlook, it’s clear why we are the chosen partner for hundreds of renowned brands. Head on over to one of our locations or contact us about one of our services and experience first-hand what we have to offer.