As our on site fleet cleaning service- Mobile Fleetwash was growing around 20 years ago, we began to encounter an issue on some sites, in that they weren’t permitted to dispose of waste water down their drains.

Rather than letting these customers down, we worked to find a solution.

We therefore developed a system that would be able to block the drain and intercept the waste water from washing, pumping it back into a container in our Mobile Fleetwash vehicle. Once our fleet cleaning service is complete, we are able to remove the system from the drains, leaving the site clear. Our Mobile Fleetwash units then drive to an approved location to dispose of the waste, leaving it free for the next job.

This service is licensed by the Environment Agency, who we worked with to ensure our method of intercepting, containing and disposing of the waste water was compliant and responsible, as well as to identify suitable disposal locations nationwide to safely clear the water contained.

As part of this aspect of our service, we hold a Waste Carrier’s License to remove and dispose ofthe effluent. We also provide a Waste Transfer Note for each site confirming the containment on site, and that no waste will pass the drains on site from our operation.

Waste Water Disposal Environment Agency

If you are unsure whether you have consent to discharge on your site, or you previously thought this meant you couldn’t benefit from on site vehicle cleaning, get in touch and we can discuss cleaning your fleet on site. If required we can arrange a site visit for your peace of mind to discuss how we would operate.