Mobile Fleetwash is committed to providing a quality service to customers in the most sustainable way possible. Just one of the ways we do this is through our unique waste water containment and recycling system.

All purpose-built Mobile Fleetwash vans are equipped with comprehensive waste water systems which take care of drainage and discharge. In addition, our process is licensed by the Environment Agency.

Mobile Fleetwash is the UKs leading specialist in providing on-site truck washing services to the transport industry. Our nationwide network of Mobile Truck Washing Units are currently cleaning over 15,000 vehicles every week across the UK. This, together with over 45 years experience, make Mobile Fleetwash the largest and most professional vehicle cleaning company in the UK.

How our Process Helps Customers

For a business, having vehicles cleaned on-site is the most convenient and efficient way of keeping them in the best condition, while also minimising time spent off the road. However, there are common obstacles which mean that this is not always an option for a site, i.e. no foul drains/connection to interceptor tanks/consent to discharge from local authorities.

Mobile Fleetwashs unique practices not only ensure an eco-friendly approach, but also solve any drainage or discharge issues a customer may face.

How Waste Water Containment and Recycling Works

We use a range of specialist equipment, operated by skilled and experienced professionals to carry out our processes.

Our aim is to recycle the water used during our washes as much as possible, for the most efficient and eco-friendly service.

Using Mobile Fleetwash not only guarantees a professional and innovative service, but also the best results for vehicles.

To find out more about our unique waste water systems and how they could help you, contact the team on, or visit for further information.