In this blog, we’re going to talk about our LPW Tankwash service and share how you can get your tanker professionally cleaned.

What Is LPW Tankwash?

At LPW we specialise in professionally washing any type of commercial vehicles like lorries, trucks and vans. We also cater to specialised trucks that might need washing suck as tankers.

Here at LPW, we not only provide a high-quality outstanding truck wash but we also do internal tanker cleaning. Our tank wash service includes:

  • Food grade tank washing
  • IBC cleaning
  • Steam heating
  • Sanitisation
  • Air filtered blow drying
  • Hose and flex cleaning

Our tank washing is a little different from our regular truck washing service and because of that, you won’t be able to get your tank washed at one of our regular sites.

Because a lot of tankers are used to transport food, we have to be sure the tanker doesnt get contaminated with any harmful or dangerous chemicals. Thats why no chemical cleaning takes place at our truck washing sites.

We use high-pressure cleaning to get the inside of the tanker clean and we can remove and thoroughly clean a range of food substances, including edible oils, sugars, chocolate, flour, juices, and dairy products.

Why Should I Get My Tank Washed?

Keeping your tank clean is incredibly important, especially if your tank is used to transport food goods. If you transport food goods then you will have to follow strict hygiene rules and codes so the food is safe and doesn’t cause harm to any consumers.

Similarly, other goods such as chemical-based liquids can be dangerous if you are constantly carrying them in your tank, especially if they can be corrosive if carried for a long period of time without washing.

Keeping your tanker internally clean helps keep the contents of your tanker clean, safe and uncontaminated and means you will deliver a top-quality product when you drop it off.

Keeping your tanker clean also helps with the maintenance and upkeep of the tanker and you know nothing is doing any long term damage to the tankers materials.

Where Can I Get My Tanker Washed?  

We currently have three LPW Tankwash locations in the UK:

Here, we can thoroughly wash your tanker to the highest standard. we pride ourselves on our efficiency and aim to get your tanker clean as quickly as possible.

Can LPW Wash My Other Vehicles?

Aside from LPW Tankwash, our team specialises in cleaning any commercial vehicle you might have in your fleet. We have a variety of truck washing stations all over the UK. Our truck washing stations are cleverly and strategically located so that your drivers are never too far away from an LPW truck washing station.

If you prefer we can come to your place of work and wash for your fleet. We are flexible and can come and wash your fleet whenever if preferable to you. No matter where in the UK your company is based or how many trucks in your fleet need washing, well be there to give your trucks the unbeatable high-quality wash that we guarantee.

As well as giving a high-quality pressure wash on all your vehicles, we also hand finish all the little details like wheels and chassis. Our team understand that you take pride in your business and your vehicles when they are on the road. We want to make sure your fleet looks as good as it possibly can.

Our mobile fleet wash unit bring everything they need and take everything away so that your workplace is left exactly how we found it. We even dispose of any water waste we create so you dont have to worry about getting rid of the water or finding a way to dispose of the water that may have chemicals in it.

Get In Touch

If you are in the UK and you need your tanker cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the LPW Tankwash team.

Alternatively, if you would like to have your fleet professionally cleaned by the experts, give us a shout! Our Mobile Fleet Wash team will come to your site and return your fleet to its former glory. Our team bring all the equipment they need, including a water containment disposal system.

Or if you want to purchase high-quality lorry cleaning equipment and products for your fleet cleaning, head to our online shop. We offer free delivery!