Tankwash: Internal Tank Cleaning

tank wash from LPW Europe
LPW Tankwash provides internal tanker cleaning in two convenient, strategically located UK sites:

Tank Wash You Can Trust

These tank washes ensure the thorough sanitisation of the inside of tanker trailers, as well as rigid tankers. All entry and exit points are cleaned. This includes tanker parts like the tank outlet, hose tube covers, vent cap, dome cover, and pump inlet and outlet.

Food-product hauling tanker trailers must be internally washed and certified when changing from non-food to food-grade loads. Whether putting a brand new tanker into food-hauling service, on a regular schedule amid food-grade loads, or in other special hauling situations they have to be sanitised.

We operate our tank wash sites for fast-turnarounds and are ready to issue the certifications that drivers need to refill. After tank washes, LPW Tankwash personnel are prepared to provide the proper seals necessary for compliance with the regulations for food and chemical safety.

Food Grade And Chemical Cleaning

Our LPW Tankwash sites provide complete pressurised tank washes that are effective at cleaning even the toughest of substances. Most noteworthy oils, acids, alkalines, dairy, chocolate, and all types of food-grade and chemical products.

You can rest in knowing that our internal tanker cleaning is eco-friendly. No dangerous chemicals reach public drainage systems with our tank wash.

You can also rest assured that the investment you make in tank washes will pay you back. It means no-fine compliance, a good reputation for safe and clean equipment, and peace of mind. As with our truck washes, all ISO 9002 detergents used for internal tank washes are solvent-free and non-caustic. Consequently, you can anticipate the high level of service that you expect from LPW Europe. We protect your brand, and we ensure the cleanliness of your tankers with our thorough tank washes.

To keep the outside of your fleet looking sparkling, find your nearest truck wash location here. 

Southern office:

LPW (Europe) Ltd
Unit 3-4 Upminster Trading Park
Warley Street
RM14 3PJ

Northern office:

LPW (Europe) Ltd
2a Colliers Way
Clayton West
West Yorkshire