Truck Wash Sites

Truck washOur Truck Wash sites are strategically located around the UK. We offer an integrated range of eco-friendly truck washing services, with the highest levels of quality. Our economies of scale means we can provide our superior service at a competitive price.


Professional Truck wash sites

Our employees are ambassadors for our brand of quality cleaning. They will hand finish the cabs, wheels and chassis, using our ISO9002 standard Traffic Film Remover detergent, and the highest quality tools. They understand the importance of a perfectly cleaned vehicle, and as a result are dedicated to ensuring each unit leaves their Truckwash in top condition. Maximising efficiency is one of our goals, therefore we aim to keep waiting time to a minimum.

Brand protection

We understand that the service we provide is to look after your brand and your assets. Your vehicles show your logos and promotions around the country, to millions of people each week. The job of our truck wash is most of all to protect your brand. This is what has made us the largest independently owned truck washing company in the country.

The truck wash process made easy

We know that using one national truck wash company and receiving a single invoice for vehicle cleaning services makes your job easier. That’s why LPW Truckwash cover the entire UK, so you can use one organisation for all your truck washing needs. We accept payment by Cash/Card, prepaid wash tokens, Fuel card or payment on account.

Contact us for the latest truck wash prices for your vehicles and to set up an account.

In addition to cleaning your vehicles, we also run a loyalty scheme for drivers at our Truck Wash sites. Drivers will consequently receive free cleaning gifts in order to maintain their working environment as a reward for keeping the outside of their vehicle looking great.

Truck washing services

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