Thousands of people see your vehicles every week, all different people who are potential clients. Thats why we have our branding on show, for all these people to see, and they will judge your brand based on your vehicles- the colour and style of your logo, and therefore how clean the vehicle is!


How much would you pay for a billboard advert? Around 200 is the average price in the UK for a weeks worth of static exposure to hundreds of potential clients. And those dont show your business in action like your fleet does, but you wouldnt be happy with the poster being dull or muddy. Consider your vehicles in the same manner, it doesnt take long on the road for your branding to become dirty.


To keep your branding in the state it deserves, LPW can provide regular washing at our nationwide Truckwash centres, weekly on-site fleet cleaning, or provide pressure washers, equipment and detergent to enable anytime cleaning at your depots.


We protect your assets, and enhance your brand.


For more information on any of our operations, contact us on or 01708 463400.

Commercial vehicle washing