The past year has been a tough and uncertain one and there has been an increase in stress and strain on almost every industry and its workers.

For a lorry driver, mental health problems can be a huge hindrance when on the road. Its important to check up on your drivers and make sure they are ok, even if its just a simple chat. Your lorry drivers are integral to your company, and if they are struggling with mental ill-health, it can impact business.

Driving for long hours with no one to talk to can be hard, especially if they have other stresses and worries playing on their mind.

Why Looking After Lorry Driver Mental Health Is Important

A person’s mental wellbeing can have a massive impact on their life. If they are not feeling happy or something is bothering them, then your driver could become unfocused and make mistakes.

Driving whilst distracted or with your mind on something else can be disastrous, especially if you’re driving a heavy goods vehicle.

Driving for long hours can be a very draining task, both physically and mentally. You should care for drivers mental health as much as you do their physical health as both can and will affect how they perform.

What Can You Do To Help Your Lorry Drivers Mental Health

Driving for long hours and distances is often very monotonous and boring. The brain needs stimulation to work efficiently. So, make sure your drivers have something to stimulate the mind, that can be something as simple as; access to music, podcasts or even a way to call someone whilst driving so they can always talk to someone if they want to.

Its important that your drivers take regular rests and know that they can take a break if driving is causing too much strain on their physical or mental wellbeing.

Implementing A Mental Health Policy

If you dont already, it may be time to implement a mental health policy within your business. Make sure your drivers know who they can talk to within the business and ensure they are familiar with mental health services and support available to them.

It doesnt have to be a grand gesture or even face to face, just a simple Email or posters put up around the workplace can help someone. Talking about mental health honestly and openly within the workplace can also help reduce stigma and encourage employees to come forward if they need support.

If your driver is struggling with their mental health, you can help by taking away some of their day-to-day worries. This can include making sure they have all the updated information needed to get to their destination and give them a fair and achievable amount of time to complete their tasks.

Sometimes minor things can add to stress so you can help your drivers by keeping on top of the little things that need doing to make driving easy and less stressful. This can be making sure the vehicle is safe and running smoothly and that there is always enough fuel or places to refuel on their route and that the menial tasks like cleaning the vehicle are taken care of.

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