Eighteen months have gone by and the Coronavirus pandemic is still having an impact on our lives and businesses..

Thankfully, the number of cases are decreasing as the days go on and we ease out of lockdown. As a fleet operator, your business and customers need to keep their vehicles on the road.

Acting sooner rather than later could be the difference between your trailer and cabins being clean, and safe for your drivers. And this is where we, LPW Europe come in!

Being Covid Safe

According to theworld health organisation, studies suggest coronavirus may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days’.

Unfortunately, this means that all it takes is one infected member of staff to pass COVID-19 around the company. A sneeze, cough, or working with unwashed hands when loading your fleet may be enough to cause problems within your business.

In your industry, this worry is particularly prevalent as your fleet is typically transported across the country and unloaded by a different member of staff or company at the destination depot.

Our covid friendly mobile fleet service has been designed for your safety and convenience. With 50 years of operating, we have perfected our cleaning process to make it seamless and easy for our customers and more recently covid safe.

Mobile Fleet Wash With LPW Europe

The biggest advantage to our mobile service has to be its convenience. We have more than 100 mobile fleet wash units currently washing more than 15,000 vehicles per week on sites like yours up and down the country.

We can visit your site as and when it suits you and your business, whether that be beyond work hours, or even weekends when you are typically not on the road. Arrangements can also be made so we visit your business when you have the majority of your vehicles on site.

Our team will wear PPE, such as face masks and gloves where necessary to protect themselves and you. We want to maximise the benefits we bring to our clients so our professional service is tailored to minimises any disruption to your business.

Our mobile fleet wash will bring your vehicles back to life. Our experts use state of the art pressure washers, mixing both hot and cold water. Cleaning your fleet has never been easier.

An increased build-up of traffic film, such as dirt, oil, tar, and dust could have a damaging effect on your fleet. Regular cleaning will minimise the risk of damage and prevent metal components on your vehicles from rusting.

Besides the reduction of potentially damaging, cleaning your fleet regularly can help maintain the value of your vehicles, if you ever come to sell them. We mix water with a superior caustic and solvent-free ISO 9002 detergent to create the best finish for your fleet.

The benefits of having a clean fleet dont just lie with not passing covid around companies, it leaves a lasting impression on consumers minds. Having a clean fleet can increase brand awareness, showcase your professionalism, and reduce the cost of fleet repairs.

LPW Truck Wash Sites

If your fleet is spread across the UK, our mobile service can visit them all. Alternatively, LPW Europe may have a Truck Wash site located nearby.

We have multiple locations up and down the country. If there is one on route or in close proximity of your drivers route, they can stop off and have their truck professionally cleaned. Our locations include:

  • Purfleet
  • Avonmouth
  • Castleford
  • Felixstowe
  • Coneygarth, Northallerton
  • Alconbury, Cambridgeshire

LPW Loyalty Card

Would you like to reap the rewards of not just a clean fleet, but free cleaning gifts? We see the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s cleanliness, so in addition to cleaning your fleet, we also run a loyalty scheme for drivers at our truck wash sites.

So, How does it work? Well, drivers will receive free cleaning products and gifts to maintain their working environment as a reward for keeping the outside of the vehicle looking great.

Get In Touch

If you are in the UK and you require mobile or on-site fleet cleaning, get in touch with LPW Europe.

Our Mobile Fleet Wash team will come to your site and return your fleet of trucks and lorries to their former glory. Our experienced team bring all the equipment and high-quality products they need, including a water containment disposal system.

Alternatively, you can purchase high-quality fleet cleaning products, including TFR and Screen Wash from our online shop.