Mobile Fleetwash

Waste Water containment

Waste Water Containment and Disposal

watch As our on site fleet cleaning service- Mobile Fleetwash was growing around 20 years ago, we began to encounter an issue on some sites, in that they weren’t permitted to dispose of waste water down their drains. Rather than letting these customers down, we worked to find a solution. We therefore developed a system that would be able to block the drain and intercept the waste water from washing, pumping it back into a container in our Mobile Fleetwash vehicle.…

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Modern fleet cleaning

New systems are go! Following on from our contactless jet wash rollout, we are pleased to announce a further advancement in technology to help make our operation even more efficient. We have rolled out a new hub for all of our wash data. The bespoke system, powered by BigChange apps enables us to have live wash transaction data and scheduling throughout the country. Each Mobile Fleetwash Operator and LPW Fleetcare delivery driver has a shock proof and (of course) waterproof tablet to record their…

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Commercial Jet wash fobs

Contactless Technology

canadian viagra online The world moves at a fast pace, and a recent development has enabled us to improve an aspect of our jet wash capabilities. Contactless technology has allowed us to improve our cost per wash pressure washing system. These machines are already based at sites from Aberdeen to Cornwall, and enable tracking of the users for each wash. This has meant our clients can identify who has used the jet wash and when. This has proved to be very useful for…

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Mobile Fleetwash van

Mobile Unit Landmark

comprare viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Milano Mobile Fleetwash, LPW’s on-site fleet cleaning brand, has recently celebrated it’s 125th van on the road in the UK. The new 125th Mobile Cleaning Unit was brought into service to cover the Norfolk area due to increased demand within the region. Over the past 12 months there have been 22 new Mobile Fleetwash teams brought in across the country, from Aberdeen to Cornwall. Infact we can boast a better coverage of the country than some mobile phone networks! This increase…

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